Friday, 17 July 2015

Did the Ancient Egyptians have Electricity?

Left: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph depicting large bulb with wire coming out of it
Right: Modern bulb built in same style as ancient Egyptian

When it comes to electrical power, we all assume it hasn't been around long in terms of how long humans have been walking the earth. But what if electricity was produced by the ancients and they were able to harness the power and provide light for them selves.

 There's many examples in the great pyramid that show they must of had some sort of extra light source which didn't involve lamps or fire sticks, as there is simply no soot markings over the walls or ceilings anywhere to suggest that. But all we know is, the Egyptians must of needed light when inside the great pyramid otherwise they wouldn't of been able to see where they was going or anything in there!
Some in the ancient history community have in the past suggested they used mirrors to direct light through the tunnels and to whatever chamber etc they were working on. But tests have been done to replicate this technique, and they could not get light to travel as far as they wanted when using mirrors.

The top left picture shows an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph which seems to show a person holding a giant bulb which appears to have an electrical wire coming from it and leading into a box, which could of possibly been some sort of power device like a battery.

There is so much more questions that need to be answered when it comes to ancient Egypt, and hopefully one day, we might just get to the bottom of our mysterious past and there is so much still to learn about our ancient ancestors.

Monday, 13 July 2015

What Does the Ancient Alien Theory Suggest About Extraterrestrial Life?

What Does the Ancient Alien Theory Suggest About Extraterrestrial Life? What Does the Ancient Alien Theory Suggest About Extraterrestrial Life?
By John C Peden
The concept of an ancient alien life form is easy to understand. The theory of ancient aliens states that humans and life on Earth was influenced, thousands of years ago, by a group of extraterrestrial life forms that visited Earth in the past. These ancient aliens were directly involved in the evolution of primates, specifically humans and it has been suggested that this evolutionary process was accomplished through the use of genetic engineering (using alien technology), cross-breeding (with the alien life forms) or a combination of the two. This evolutionary process that took mankind from primates to homo sapiens ultimately gave rise to the development of human culture, technologies, religion and intellectual enlightenment.
The theory of ancient aliens playing a role in the development of modern man first became public in a publication by Erich von D�niken entitled Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. However, the concept has been in existence since the 19th century and a common variant of ancient alien-human interaction is that all gods, deities and higher-beings (including angels and demons) are in fact extraterrestrial life forms, whose advanced technologies were explained by the people of the time as evidence of divinity.
The ancient alien concept is closely related to the religious practice of 'cargo cult'. Cargo cult can be observed in modern-day societies that remain pre-industrial and during World War II, when indigenous people came into contact with soldiers and their advanced equipment (like tanks, guns and airplanes), attempts to obtain wealth through religious and/or religious practices became common. Religion and worship of one or more Gods is explained by the ancient alien theory by stating that these extraterrestrials intentionally convinced mankind that they and their race were Gods or God-like. This in turn created religion and allowed people to evolve more efficiently.
Statistically, based on the current age of the Universe and its innumerable stars, if the Earth is a typical planet then extraterrestrial life should not be uncommon. As a result, alien encounters would be statistically likely to occur and the lack of certified, authentic encounters would be quite inexplicable. This gave rise to the 'zoo theory' of extraterrestrial life which likens alien life forms to zoo keepers who prefer to observe simpler life forms as oppose to exert an excessive amount of influence or control over them so as to properly observe their natural behavior. The 'zoo theory' adheres to the hypothesis that the Earth and its life forms are being secretly observed through the use of monitoring equipment present on Earth or in our Solar System.
An unpublished manuscript from Charles Fort, written in 1915 put forward the idea of extraterrestrial life forms controlling human life on Earth. Fort ultimately destroyed the manuscript but a single surviving quote states that "The Earth is a farm...we are someone else's property."
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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Do you really know your History?

If someone talks about history, how far do you think back? 10 years? 100 years? Maybe a 1000 years? We are generally told that human history goes back to around 6000 years ago. So why is there evidence across the globe that human civilization has been present before these times, or even before the last ice age, over 15,000 years ago! There's evidence of gold mining in Africa over 100,000 years ago! What if the history we are taught in schools has been written to mislead us all from the true nature of Earth's mysterious past?! What if our planet's history goes way back further than we can even begin to imagine?! What if civilizations just like ours, have thrived and fallen on planet Earth millions of years before us?! These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Earth's untold and hidden history!