Thursday, 27 April 2017

Massive Megalith Cut With Ancient Laser Technology?

As far back as its discovery in 1883 by Charles Huver, the massive stone megalith in Al-Naslaa has been at the heart of conspiracy theories for a long time as far back as its revelation. The sharp, laser like precision straight down the center of this ancient megalith still has experts baffled to this day.

This innovation is still new, even to us, hundreds of years and millenniums later. How was it workable for them to part a stone monument with such precision, other than the utilization of advanced machinery? Many have guessed about this, yet none have found the genuine history of the stone. Numerous specialists have gone back and forth, however the secret of this stone megalith is still as covered as the day it was discovered.

Numerous hypotheses have been flowing about Al-Naslaa's stone megalith, and one legitimate one that emerges is the hypothesis that the division of the stone into immaculate parts down the center was brought on by the development of earth underneath the stones throughout the hundreds of years. These little vibrations sharked  the stone's surface, which made it split specifically in the center after hundreds of years. Be that as it may, many inquiries if a work of nature can be so exact, and the cut is excessively perfect and clean. This leads us to the following hypothesis: Is there a whole ancient civilization prior to us, that really had advanced and more progressed than what we have now, yet have been erased from history?

Not just puzzling, the area of the stone megalith has much history. Yet nobody knows the response to this riddle of this massive megalith being split in two perfectly, and over the long haul, it appears to be impossible to find answers. Is it accurate to say that it was truly cut by machinery significantly more advanced than our own? Is it accurate to say that it was shaped by the earth itself? The inquiries are perpetual. Yet, as of now, everybody to this day is still left confused just as much as the people to first discover it.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Unknown Pyramid TWICE The Size Of Giza Found In CHINA

The ancient pyramid is situated around 40 miles southwest of Xian, the biggest of sixteen pyramids situated in the territory assigned as a Shensi, or a "no-go range", an illegal zone by the Communist government.

These confinements make it to a great degree troublesome for Westerners to visit the pyramid and take photos of it. But only a few people from the West have managed to view this unknown massive ancient pyramid.

It is still unknown when precisely the Great Pyramid of China was built. According to some Chinese archeologists the pyramid was erected amid the Hsia Dynasty from 2205 to 1767 B.C.

Ancient records protected in an old monastery close to the Mongolian border describe the ancient Xian pyramid in China.
Apparently, when these ancient records were first created, the huge mysterious pyramid was already extremely old.

The structure was said to be 1,000 feet in stature which made it the most elevated pyramid on the planet (the Great Pyramid of Egypt is 450 feet in height.)

The valleys in the area of the Xian pyramid are many different pyramids, some ascending to a height practically as big as the Xian pyramid.

Of what is known, the first Westerners to see the Chinese pyramid were two Australian merchants. Afterward, in 1912, Fred Meyer Schroeder, an American dealer employed a monk as a guide, who enlightened him about the monastery on the fact it contained vital data about the Xian pyramid.

The following person from the West who saw the Great Pyramid of China was James Gaussman, an American pilot. Amid WWII, Gaussman flew a C-47 transport plane with provisions from a U.S. base in India.

After two years, Sheahan another American pilot who had known about Gaussman's locating effectively found the Xian pyramid. He took a few photos which were distributed in the March 28, 1947 issue of the New York Times.
Chinese archeologists fully denied the presence of the Xian pyramid even with evidence in Sheahan's photos.

German analyst and adventurer Hartwig Hausdorf knew about the pyramid fifty years later he chose to go to China, with the expectation he could take in more about this strange old structure and its unknown ancient builders.

Hausdorf immediately saw how hesitant the Chinese were to talk about their pyramids. In the wake of taking a gander at Gaussman's photographs, Chinese archeologists unwillingly affirmed their reality by alluding to them as "only a couple of pyramidal structures close to Xian."

Whenever Hausdorf and his companion Peter Krassa arrived at the township of Xianyang, around 40 miles west of Xian they saw no less than 15 pyramids in the territory. The two scientists were shocked to see little trees planted on the sides of the pyramids to keep them covered up and blend in with the natural surrounding landscape.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Scientists Uncover 300 Million Year Old 'Man-Made' Metal Object

In the town of Vladivostok, Russia, a man found a rail-formed metal object which was found compressed in one of the bits of coal the man used to warmth his home. Hypnotized by his finding, the resident chose to look for assistance from professionals of the Primorye region. After the metal object in question was examined by these scientists, the man was stunned to find out about the expected age of his finding. The metal object was apparently 300 million years old but then the researchers recommend that it was not made by nature but rather was produced by somebody or something. The subject of who may have made a pure aluminum part in the beginning of time stays unanswered.

This oopart (out-of-place artifact) which was found at Vladivostok, is yet another revelation which astounded the researchers. The coal in which the metal in question was found was moved to Primorye from the Chernogorodskiy mines in the Khakasia district. Realizing that the coal of this district dates 300 million years back, Russian specialists determined that the metal object found here must be of the exact same age.

Close to seven centimeters in length, this oopart was found to be made out of 98 percent aluminum and 2 percent magnesium. From one viewpoint, such a composite confused the researchers even more in light of the fact that nearly 100% aluminum is not found in nature, proving the fact that this oopart was artificially made.

When it turned out to be evident that the metal object was produced using aluminum-magnesium composite the specialists rapidly found a response to the subject of how a metal detail could withstand the attacks of time so well. The researchers clarified that pure aluminum is highly resistant to oxidization which adds a unique layer shielding it from corrosion. Therefore, the metal detail made 98 percent aluminum can resist extreme heat and pressure.

Another fact that baffled the researchers was its particular shape which was reminiscent of an advanced tooth-wheel. It is difficult to envision that an object could take a consistent state of a tooth-wheel with six indistinguishable "teeth" naturally. Also the space between the "teeth" of the object were larger than the "teeth" themselves which may imply that the detail was once part of some advanced machine.

For now we can't say what this oopart actually is for certain, but one thing we do know is that it should not exist according to mainstream archaeology.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Advanced Ancient Civilization Found Underneath Antarctica

As indicated by the mystery space program informant, Corey Goode, the primary logical unearthings of remnants from an ancient civilization frozen under two miles of ice began in Antarctica not long ago. What's more, he was taken there to witness the revelation.

It was a Nazi undertaking in 1939 that first made this disclosure, in any case, as expressed by Goode, discoveries by archeologists and different researchers have just been permitted since 2002. Apparently, documentaries and scholarly papers have as of now been set up by the archeologists working at the site. It's said that mainstream researchers will be completely shocked by the find when the information is released.

Goode had known about the Antarctica unearthings from a few unique sources, including a senior officer inside a USAF drove mystery space program he named "Sigmund", data he shown in December 11, 2016. Purportedly, Sigmund was included in a mystery mission including different kidnappings and questioning of Goode, who was being tested for the reliability of his data.

Just when Goode's data and sources were discovered precise, Sigmund shared some of his insight about the Antarctica civilization. As per him, it included an 'alien' species of 10-12-foot-tall "Pre-Adamites" with prolonged skulls.

The alien beings who had touched base on Earth around 55,000 years prior, with the findings of three oval-molded motherships, around 30 miles in distance across, at the site. Instantly subsequent to being uncovered, one of the three boats has been found to have numerous littler shuttles inside. The Pre-Adamite aliens base in Antarctica, had been flash frozen because of an unknown event dated back 12,000 years prior.

The most advanced and interesting finds, alongside the remaining parts of Pre-Adamites have been expelled from one archeological site that will be made open, and now the groups of researchers are working with what is left at the site.

What will be accessible for public access is a determination of old ancient artifacts from different areas and what else is anyones guess.

Until early January 2017, all data Goode had on the Antarctica unearthings originated from insider sources or Sigmund. In any case, toward the start of this current month, Goode was taken to Antarctica to witness the remnants and the unearthings in progress.

In an announcement he gave, Goode said that imediately after New Year, 2017, he was taken to Antarctica by an "Anshar" shuttle, which is one of the seven Inner Earth human advancements that he has experienced so far including Kaaree, a High Priestess of the Anshar, who has gone about as his guide and companion in many treks into the Earth's inside, Antarctica and into profound space.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization Discovered In The Grand Canyon?

As time goes by, more confirmation has risen which underpins the possibility that ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, the Chinese and even perhaps the Olmec accomplished trans-maritime voyages before recorded history proposes.

While suggestions to pre-Colombian trans-maritime contact vary with time, most thoughts which hold this probability have been treated with disregard since such a thought fundamentally challenges what we are told about history.

The possibility that there was an ancient civilization in North America which belonged to the ancient Egyptians is something that is hard to believe. As indicated by the front page of the April 5, 1909, release of the Arizona Gazette, an odd discovery was made in the Marble region of the Grand Canyon that focuses towards an old Egyptian colony in North America many years ago.

"Discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist."

The article reads that the site is apparently 2 miles from Crystal Canyon and the puzzling arrangement of caves is situated in a greatly remote location of the Grand Canyon, almost completely out of reach for humans. The article states the passage to the mysterious cave was found somewhere 1500 feet on a cliff.

Curiously, the zone of the ravine where the Egyptian names and caverns are found is forbidden territory and a complete no-go zone even for some of the park rangers.
For now we can only guess what could be there, but the evidence is pointing towards foreign ancient civilizations actually visiting these sites way before our history books are telling us!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Entrance To Secret Chambers Beneath Sphinx Uncovered In Ancient Map (VIDEO)

This video indicates rare pictures how the mystery chambers underneath the ancient Egyptian Sphinx can be entered.
We can only guess what could be down there, but more evidence is showing that there is a lot more underneath the Sphinx and the Giza Plateau than what we are being told.

Sumerian/Anunnaki Statue Discovered On Mars?

The captivating picture portrays what many accept are the remaining parts of an ancient Sumerian or Anunnaki statue on the surface of Mars. Contrasting the picture snapped on Mars with a portion of the antiquated Sumerian statues from Earth some would state there's a distinct association.

As far back as NASA began investigating the surface of the red planet with various wanderers, individuals have begun seeking the pictures reveived from NASA's own special outsider robots with expectations of discovering hints that Mars was once occupied.

NASA's Curiosity rover and the other robots on Mars, Opportunity, and Spirit, have taken lots of greatly abnormal pictures on Mars.

From seeing Domes on the surface of the red planet to a statue and what have all the earmarks of being whole structures covered under the surface of the red planet, we have seen countless strange pictures from our neighboring planet that challenge clarification.

While a few doubters contend it's just Pareidolia, our mind playing traps with us making us see 'commonplace things and shapes' others trust there's something else entirely to Mars than we've been told.

This unusual picture from Mars has been deciphered by many as the remaining parts of an old statue that shockingly takes after the portrayals of the antiquated Sumerian development, and the Anunnaki—maker divine beings who came to Earth in look for gold.

Dr. John Brandenburg, who has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Plasma Physics from the University of California, and who is a researcher who worked with NASA says there is confirmation on Mars that the planet was occupied in the removed past.

As indicated by Dr. John Brandenburg, there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that two huge nuclear blasts went off on the surface of the red planet in the distant past. The hypothesis proposed by Dr. Brandenburg depends on the findings of uranium and thorium that have been found on the surface of Mars.