Wednesday 7 April 2021

Third Pyramid Covered in Snow Recently Discovered in Antarctica Could Rewrite History

Despite the dominant facts we know for our mother Earth, the artifacts found around it call the people’s attention and prove our antecedents were much more ahead than we think.

Since it was launched, Google Earth is an advantage that serves everyone, including conspiracy theorists that enjoy looking for traces to prove their hypotheses.
The satellites, as a feature that this service uses to operate, are a gift to the mankind that enables him to observe with good elevation.
Recently, through Google Earth, a new discovery has been uncovered. It concerns the latest pyramid in a group of three pyramids covered with snow. This treasure caused a blast among the people of the community who study the “second” history.

Two of the pyramids can be seen around 10 miles in the interior and the third one, near the shore.
This discovery shook up the nation because no book ever implied that the Antarctic civilization was so advanced with its technology it was able to actually construct enormous pyramids.
As we know from before, millions of years ago, Antarctica was not a snowy but a warm place since its location was close to the Equator. The British Antarctic Survey brought up evidence for the public that proved the climate in the Antarctic was rather balmy.
Dr. Vanessa Bowman, from The British Antarctic Survey, said that Antarctica, 100 million years ago, was covered in delightful forests similar to the ones we see in New Zealand today.
Another journey under the command of NASA and 11 other scientific organizations found external microbial life shapes under the 65 feet thick ice in the Lake Vida on Antarctica.
The microbial colonies flourished in aloneness for millions of years and scientists claim they are the ancestors of microorganisms that lived in a warmer climate.

Nevertheless, building such an extensive architecture as the pyramids of Antarctica, even using contemporary technology, would be practically beyond the bounds of possibility.
If these pyramids were meant to be applicable, they must have been built in the era where Antarctica was convenient for people to live in.
And this ties up the Gordian knot: Knowing the fact Antarctica was favorable to live on millions of years ago and the wheel wasn’t created until 6,000 years ago, how did these pyramids occur?


The supporters of alien theories have an open mind for altering the history of these findings.
No matter how much time and generations of people pass by, the pyramids will always remain one of most fascinating structures in the world.
Do you think Antarctica has an ancient civilization buried beneath the ice?