Thursday, 30 March 2017

Underwater Unknown Ancient Civilization Discovered In Cuba

A team of explorers working off the western coastline of Cuba say they have uncovered what they think are the remains of a submerged ancient city built thousands of years ago.
Researchers from a Canadian company used superior sonar equipment to find and film stone buildings more than 2,500 below the sea's surface.

They still do not know the exact nature of their discovery, and in January. plan to get started on an intensive analysis of the site in Guanahacabibes, Peninsula.

Advanced Digital Communications is one of four organizations working in a joint opportunity with President Fidel Castro's government to explore Cuban waters, which hold hundreds of treasure-laden ships from the Spanish colonial period.

The pioneers initially recognized the submerged city a year ago, when examining hardware began to deliver pictures of symmetrically sorted out stone structures reminiscent of a urban advancement.

In July, the scientists came back to the site with a high-tech robot prepared for advanced underwater filming. The pictures the robot brought back confirmed the gigantic, smooth pieces with the presence of cut stone.

A portion of the pieces were pyramid shapes, others were round, scientists said.
They believe these developments could have been assembled over 6,000 years prior, a date which goes back considerable before pyramids of Egypt by 1,500 years.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Anunnaki/Planet X Theory For Beginners

According to historians, the encounter of humans with the Anunnaki or as Zecharia Sitchin has defined them as aliens, is 450,000 years old, and the stories of this can be found within the Sumerian civilization records.

The word Anunnaki is engulfed by mist of myths and misconceptions, and these myths and misconceptions are a result of either folklore that has been passing on from one generation to another or controversial research papers published by historians. This journal is aimed to look at both at myths and misconceptions and beyond about the Anunnaki, their evolution and Zecharia Sitchin’s and Erich von Däniken’s theories on the Anunnaki.
The dictionary meaning of the word Anunnaki means ancient gods who are of royal birth or are offsprings of a king. The dictionary also defines Anunnaki people who come to earth from heaven. Apart from the dictionary meaning some non-fiction refer to the Anunnaki as aliens, who arrived on earth from planet X also known as Nibiru. The theory of existence of planet X or Nibiru was proposed by Zecharia Sitchin in his famous book the twelfth planet.
According to historians, the encounter of humans with the Anunnaki or as Zecharia Sitchin has defined then as aliens, is 450,000 years old, and the stories of this can be found with the Sumerian civilization. The Sumerians used to worship the Anunnaki. Apart from this fact, based theory there is another mixed theory that states that the Anunnaki came to planet earth around 450,000 years ago in search of gold to protect their planet’s environment from diminishing. This theory further adds that the human race was also created by these Anunnaki to assist them to draw out gold from mines.

According to the world famous Russian historian Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki came to the earth from planet X which according to him, is considered the twelfth planet, and the same has been described by him in his book “The Twelfth Planet”. He backs his statements on the basis of his research study of the Sumerian civilization. According to Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki taught humans the way to live life, and that is the reason why Sumerian people became disciples of Anunnaki. Zecharia Sitchin has taken cross-references from other civilizations as well, to prove his claims, such as the ancient stories taken from Indian civilizations.
The second most prominent name in the world of controversial claims on extraterrestrial and human interaction after Zecharia Sitchin is of Erich von Däniken. The Swiss historian/ author has taken the legacy further of controversies started by Zecharia Sitchin regarding aliens and their interaction with humans. According to Erich von Däniken's hypothesis, the earth actually might have been colonized by the extra-terrestrials in the past.
Apart from these two popular theories, there is another popular theory that claims that the Anunnaki became extinct from planet earth like dinosaurs. The reasons for their extinction from the earth are not clearly defined as every historian has his point of view on it. According to this, third theory, the human race will also perish from the earth like other past species.

Modern historians totally discard the theories proposed by Zecharia Sitchin, Erich von Däniken and others. But there are still many people who consider these theories to be partially true, and believe that the Anunnaki will return to the earth once again.

Ancient Astronauts And Modern Ufos - A List Of The 'GODS'

When it comes down to tracing human history, none of us truly know what happened in the past. Everyday that passes more and more evidence is being found that shows us that our past is more mysterious than we could ever imagine.
What if all the past records of religion and gods were based on actual beings and not just some imaginary figure in the sky. There is a wide range of ancient records around the world that describes gods descending to earth to help mankind, what if these records were based on actual events?

When it comes to the 'gods' (my term but in reality extraterrestrials) from ancient to modern times, we have...

Ancient: The Polytheistic gods are universal in human mythology regardless of culture, race, geographical settlements, etc.; they collectively represent a division of godly responsibilities toward that specific culture or geographical area. Each area commands a separate pantheon of gods. For example, the Norse lands (Scandinavia) have Odin, Thor, Loki, etc. They are akin to a parliament where you have a prime minister (head god), a cabinet (senior gods) and backbenchers (minor deities). So you have an agricultural god, a weather god, and so on.

Ancient: The Monotheistic God (but probably just one of the polytheistic gods whose jurisdiction was the Middle East) and clan have become the dominant deity (with associated hangers on) within the western world. Unfortunately, despite Christian propaganda that God is a moral, just, loving deity, His biography, as given in the Biblical Old Testament, is anything but. God is shown to have all the same sorts of emotional attributes as the polytheistic gods had. Translated, God possesses the normal run of emotions and behaviors that not only the gods had but that humans have. In other words, God has all the morals of an alley cat! Further, none of the supernatural powers exhibited by God (or clan, like Jesus Christ or J.C.) are unique to God. Anything God can do, the polytheistic gods can do too.

Ancient: Jesus Christ (J.C.) is one of many minor 'deities' born on Earth and the only known example to the best of my knowledge of a 'god' being executed by humans. So why didn't our supposedly all powerful God-The-Father step in and prevent this execution? God hasn't exactly been shy in interfering in human affairs before this event. That 'God' didn't intervene isn't surprising. A common theme in mythology is the father killing off, or attempting to have eliminated, all male offspring that could down the track prove threatening to dad's own power base. The Greek god Zeus himself nearly suffered this fate but escaped and ultimately got his revenge on dear old daddy.

Ancient: Angels are more minor 'deities' under 'God's' jurisdiction (wings and haloes and harps are human embellishments). Not all 'angels' were happy under, and with 'God's' style of command and thus some staged a mutiny - which failed. There are other examples in mythology of 'gods' revolting against their peers and superiors - turf wars and power struggles were the norm way back when.

Ancient: Fairy-Folk (including elves, etc.) were another extraterrestrial clan whose relationship with the 'gods' isn't entirely clear - colleagues or did they have separate agendas? These beings were later known as the Incubi and Succubi and today are akin to the 'Greys' of UFO abduction lore.

Ancient: Various mythological beasties, associated with the gods and/or God are of two types: There are the half-and-halves (half human - half animal) who are among the end products of ET's genetic engineering experiments. Then there are the dragons and the other non-godlike entities found in all mythologies. I find them akin to human's companion animals. Translated, dragons, etc. were pets of the gods - both being of course extraterrestrial in origin.

Modern: The 'Nordics' a.k.a. the 'Space Brothers' - Of the modern reported UFO entities, these angelic-like near perfect physical specimens appear to be the one group that likes to spread around New Age Hippy-style philosophy. It's not religion per say as much as an appeal to 'cosmic brotherhood'. The 'Nordics' target audience were the 'contactes' (mainly of the 1950's), usually relatively simple folk who often trumped up their limited education by calling themselves 'Professor' or 'Doctor'. Though the contactees were nearly rubbished by anyone with an IQ over 50, the contactees might have had the wool pulled over their eyes as their 'Nordics' could have been that subdivision of the gods known as 'trickster' gods. As the name implies, they like to pull practical jokes, not all of which are funny ha-ha.

Modern: The 'Greys' tend to be associated as the mainstream of UFO occupants, in particular when it comes to alien abduction cases. They are fairly short, thin, with spindly legs and arms, but large heads, small noses, slit-like mouths, overall hairless, but have striking eyes, usually oval which tend to wrap-around the skull to quite elongated degree. The basic image has certainly struck a quite responsive chord with the general public as if it represents an image of a repressed memory - like that of an actual abduction. The 'Greys' seem to have something akin to Star Trek's transporter beam, or beaming technology, and like the 'gods' of old, have the ability to be seen and heard by just those they want to be seen and heard by. That said, descriptions of Ufonauts vary widely, but again, the 'Greys' tend to predominate.

An interesting question as hinted above is whether or not these various alien races/extraterrestrial civilizations are akin to a Star Trek 'Federation' in the sense of working together for the common cause, or working apart; do all and sundry have a collective agenda, or separate agendas, or like human nations, have some common goals but also separate and apart goals.

The top or high echelon of the 'gods' (including 'God') are usually associated with the sky or space.
They often get around in assorted flying vehicles, like aerial 'chariots'.
The 'gods' and Fairy-Folk live in or come from rather exotic abodes, often termed in mythology, the 'Otherworld'. Even Heaven could be termed an 'Otherworld' (though maybe 'Heaven' was the name given to Captain God's and crew's starship that transported them to here). Mythological 'Otherworlds' are actually extra-solar planets.
From a human perspective, the so-called mythological beings (what I strongly suspect are really flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials) are for all practical purposes immortals. Of course they aren't really immortal, only apparently so when compared to our three score and ten. Lengthy life-spans, whether natural or augmented by ET's advanced technology, are of relevance for it allows our aliens to get from there (those 'Otherworlds' wherever they are in space) to here with no more of a yawn than humans taking the cross-town bus.
One universal trait with respect to the polytheistic 'gods' and the Fairy-Folk is their ability to have selected invisibility to whomever they don't wish to be seen by; conversely they can appear to one individual only, even with that individual existing within a crowded setting. Now either a being reflects light or it doesn't. If it does, then it should be visible to everyone. If that's not the case then the only other viable explanation is some sort of at-a-distance mind-control. If that's not possible then everything crumbles like a deck of cards because the weakest link in the chain has snapped. However, it's such a widely reported happening in mythology and ufology that the truth is out there even if the rational explanation thus far isn't.
The mythology/ufology parallel is that when it comes to alien abductions phenomena, there's obviously some sort of mind control at work since abductees don't tend to fight their abductions and they usually have little or no memory that anything out of the ordinary happened after-the-fact. That would remain the case were it not for that vague (can't quite pin my finger on it) sense of unease, missing time noted, and/or physical evidence like unexplained scars or waking up with your nightclothes on inside-out or back-to-front.
The polytheistic 'gods' apparently have the ability to shape-shift. But then again a seed will shape-shift into a plant; a caterpillar into a butterfly, so it's only the relative matter of degree of shape-shifting ability at stake here.

These god-like extraterrestrials can perform apparent supernatural like miracles, but so could 21st Century humans with 21st Century technology if showed to our ancestors say 8000 to 2000 years ago. Further, these so-called 'miracles' normally associated with God and J.C.; well, let's just say than anything God or J.C. could do, the polytheistic 'gods' could do as well - they even did tricks that would put God and J.C. to shame in any carnival sideshow.

These god-like extraterrestrials are powerful, but hardly all-powerful or invincible.
These god-like extraterrestrials are knowledgeable, without being all-knowing.
These god-like extraterrestrials have moral standards equal to or less than the average human and tend to treat us much like we treat the lesser terrestrial life forms we associate with - they (lesser terrestrial life forms) are property to us; we're property to them - the extraterrestrial 'gods'.

And it doesn't take much knowledge or logic to show that the Biblical monotheistic God of the Old Testament can't be all-powerful, all-knowing, and especially all-loving for His morals rate somewhere south of Hitler, Stalin and any other tyrant you care to name. The proof of that pudding comes direct from the texts of the 'Good' Book itself.
Not only God, but ditto the 'gods', and the Fairy-Folk often interfere in human affairs, and not always to our benefit by any stretch of the imagination.

Some of the 'gods', even the Fairy-Folk, have a sense of humor, albeit not always of the ha-ha kind as hinted at above. These court jesters are collectively called the 'trickster' gods (Loki, for example), and they are found throughout all cultures and their associated mythologies. I suggest that in our modern era, there are still 'trickster gods' around, having fun a human's expense. I suggest they could be behind the puzzling crop circle phenomena; the LDE's (Long Delayed Echoes) enigma where radio/radar pulses sent out are delayed in their return, cause or causes unknown; pulling the wool over the flying saucer related contactees' eyes causing them to honestly relate tales that have absurdity written all over them; and having wicked fun at the expense of SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) scientists by broadcasting brief non-repeating radio signals to their radio telescopes that have the hallmarks of intelligence but leave the scientists frustrated because they can't be decoded (too brief) and the can't be verified because they are one-offs. By the by, the Monotheistic God and hangers on most certainly have no tricksters in their midst - no entity in the Bible has any sense of humor whatsoever!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Alien Moon Base Operating For 10,000+ years?

UFO's AND ALIENS: I think the government and NASA are keeping the truth about life outside our planet hidden from society. How can we be so arrogant and think that we here on earth are the only living beings in this gigantic universe with billions of stars galaxies, suns, solar systems and planets. Everyday there are sightings all over the world by citizens, commercial pilots, and military personnel. I think we have been visited and offered help to benefit mankind with technologies that can alleviate us from dependence on fossil fuels and oil dependence.

We probably been warned of the dangers that we are imposing on plants, animals, water, and environment. What effects this planet probably effect the entire solar system. The government will have no part of any outside intervention because once again it will be a threat to their ability to keep control. The world will know that other beings have more power, technology and control than world worldly government could ever have. Religion would be questioned and this will prove that we have been and still are being lied to. Control over the weak minded masses will be at jeopardy also.

In 1994, the US Navy sent a satellite called Clementine to the moon to image it for two months. During that time, the satellite took 1.8 million images. Out of those images, 170,000 images were made available to the public. The rest were classified. Classified moon craters? Sound far fetched? Milton Cooper, a Naval Intelligence Officer tells us that not only does the Alien Moon Base exist but the U.S. Naval Intelligence Community refers to the Alien Moon Base as "Luna," that there is a huge mining operation going on there, and that is where the aliens keep their huge mother ships while the trips to Earth are made in smaller "flying saucers.

Certain military and government agencies have known for decades. The alien moon base has been up there in various forms for possibly tens of thousands of years. According to the NASA Astronaut Neil Armstrong the aliens have a base on the Moon and told us in no uncertain terms to get off and stay off the Moon! You hear about going to mars all the time. No mention of the moon.
And why not, we seem to mess up and destroy everything we put our hands on.

Explain crop circles that are so intricate and precise and seem to form in seconds, explain the pyramids, and explain why NASA blurred out photos on mars, why go to mars so much in the first place? Why is every UFO video blurry? And it seems nobody ever gets a clear shot. What did they really see at Roswell? Explain how certain tribes in Africa like the primitive Dogon people have precise knowledge about the stars. 
Explain Ezekiel in the bible say things like "And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself, and brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire. 
Explain these historical sightings. They are all over the world. I found this list of historical sightings the internet.

45,000 BC China Rock carvings of round UFO-like objects have been found in China 's Hunan province. The depictions date back to age of the Neanderthals.

12,000 BC China the Dropa, the name given to visitors from Sirius, came down from the clouds with their air gliders.

332 BC Phoenicia, Tyre During the siege of the trade capital of Phoenicia by the Greeks a fleet of flying shields is described as plunged from the sky and crashed upon the city walls.

218 BC Rome Glowing lamps were seen in the sky at Praeneste, a shield was observed at Arpi and in the Amiterno district, the sky was all on fire, and men in white garments appear.

214 BC "At Hadria an altar was seen in the sky and about it the forms of men in white clothes." - Julius Obsequens, Prodigiorum Libellus, Ch. 66

42 BC Rome from Prodigia of Julius Obsequens, "Something like a sort of weapon, or missile, rose with a great noise from the earth and soared into the sky." And there are many others.

These people described what they saw the best way they could and with descriptions that were common in the time. If we saw the same objects today we would have different description even though they would be the same. Keep an open mind. We are not alone and never have been.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why Are Massive Pyramid Structures Located All Over The World?

If you ask the average person about the pyramids of Giza, they will probably tell you they were built for the purpose of tombs for the Pharaohs and were built by human slaves and that's really about it. They just simply don't know the mind boggling facts behind this mysterious piece of ancient architecture. There are also just as impressive pyramids at Bosnia and many other places.

The Great Pyramid is estimated to have about 2,300,000 stone blocks varying in weight from 2 to 50 tons. How those massive blocks were put into place so perfectly that the structure still stands to this day is highly debatable. Whoever built this pyramid, did it with such precision, that the structure is near perfect orientated north (Just like the pyramid at Bosnia). But what was the pyramid originally built for? Obviously, what we all get taught is that it was built by the enslaved people of Pharaoh Khufu. So it could later be used as a tomb for when the Pharaoh died. But what if this is totally wrong, and it was built for a purpose entirely different. A purpose which humanity is totally clueless too. An ancient power plant. Yes, an ancient power plant! It sounds absolutely crazy when you first hear the idea. How can a pyramid produce energy? Well apparently here’s how, the underground chamber of the pyramid was once part of a hydraulic system, the chamber had water pumped into it from the River Nile nearby.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko has only been recently discovered just over 10 years ago by Dr. Osmanagic. This structure looks just like the Great Pyramid of Egypt, but simply covered in thousands of years worth of vegetaAtion covering it. Infact, this pyramid is part of a bigger site in the area, known as "The Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids". This complex which is still to be fully excavated with work ongoing, is an extraordinary site. Various radar tests have been conducted and found passageways, walls, chambers and not to mention tunnels leading into the Pyramid of the Sun. It’s safe to say, this is a fascinating site that still has so much more to offer as it’s clearly built by some sort of intelligence species that pre-dates the pyramids of the Giza plateau in Egypt, and was apparently built by an unknown ancient civilization around 20,000 years ago!

The pyramids in Antarctica are not confirmed as being official pyramid structures as no true investigation has been done on them, assuming it’s because of lack of funding and the weather is so harsh out there plus governments don't allow public access to the area. But all you have to do is look at some of the pictures online of these ‘pyramids’, and they’re absolutely unbelievable. They clearly resemble pyramid structures, just covered in snow. There’s been all sorts of rumours about these shapes in Antartica, with some saying they’re just natural formations, and other theories such as secret military bases. Let’s not forget that the area used to be a lot warmer than it is there today. In 2009 scientists doing research in the area, suggested that the summer temperature got to about 20 degrees celsius, which means no snow and ice, so the area would of looked and been completely different and could of easily been livable in the distant past. Whatever they are, for now, we’ll never know. But these ‘structures’ definitely need looking into more!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Bosnian Pyramids in The Pyramid - Finding the Truth / Die Pyramiden von Bosnien/ Piramida Istine



There is a civilization that built pyramids in Europe which is older than the Egyptian civilization! Fact or fiction? American historian and entrepreneur Semir Osmanagic claims that there are pyramids in the Visoko valley in Bosnia, a conclusion he has reached after a series of excavations that began in 2006. His opponents are trying to stop further excavations and present the pyramid theory as a fraud. In the same valley, German archaeologists are excavating the "Butmir culture", a Neolithic civilization that is more than 7000 years old. 

The stand-off between the various parties about the pyramids' existence, the connection to known civilizations, the politics, the media exposure, as well as the characters of the various scientists, makes for a thrilling spectacle. For more than four years, the filmmakers followed the principal individuals involved in Bosnia, Germany to the US and Egypt, uncovering the truth about the distant past, while documenting the passion, jealousy and hypocrisy that accompanies this adventure. 

DR. OSMANGIĆ: The ancient people who built these pyramids knew the secrets of frequency and energy. Evidence clearly shows that the pyramids were built as ancient energy machines. 
DR. NABIL SWELIM: The Pyramids are pyramid hills, geologically formed and perfected by man. 
DR. MÜLLER: There have always been innovation centers in the area, where inventions were made, new stylistic objects or new religions were invented. Okoliste bei Visoko is the biggest settlement in Stone and coper ages in Europe and represented political and economical power trough this time. 
DR. KROLL: Their life was not essentially so different to some life in the early 20th century in central Bavaria. 



Can The Ancient Alien Theory Open Doors For Modern Times?

In every civilization, Gods that people of that time worshiped came to earth from the sky. These Gods were considered to be a power source to them. They preached, guided and ruled people of that time with their supernatural powers. In present time, the beliefs to those times are either regarded as myth or folklore. But what if these methodological characters that were worshiped by people of that time were in actuality aliens that came to earth from another world?

The human race has been poised with the idea of digging its evolutionary roots. Every generation is keen and eager to know how and where we came from, but under the hood, reality is that the more we dig deep down to know where we came from, the more beaming facts we come across. New facts sometimes unlock mysteries and lead to a new mystery.

If we back track on the evolutionary genesis of the civilization we would be surprised to know that ancient civilizations had a magnificent knowledge of science and astronomy. The architectural marvels built by the people of those civilizations have withstood against all the hardships of time, and are still standing tall. The question that pokes people's mind is how did they create such magnificent structures? What was it that inspired them to build such huge structures of paramount importance, and pass them on to future generations?

Each and every civilization had its own distinct pattern of architect, but one strange phenomenon that was common in all civilizations was their association with a divine power that followed a down path from the sky using a so called flying object, that are today known as UFOs.
From ancient Indian civilization to Maya civilization, from Egyptian civilization to Mesopotamian civilization to Sumerian civilization, each civilization had a residual belief in “gods” used in the plural sense. These Gods were the source of power to the people of these civilizations. In every civilization, Gods that people of that time worshiped came to earth from the sky. These Gods were considered to be a power source to them. They preached, guided and ruled people of that time with their supernatural powers.

In present time, the beliefs to those times are either regarded as myth or folklore. But what if these methodological characters that were worshiped by people of that time were in actuality aliens that came to earth from another world? What if these aliens that visited earth were technologically superior to people of our planet of that time? If these facts are true then the so called “Gods” are just an interpretation of a technically advanced race that time and again, make and marks its presence. If these facts are given a deep thought then we can surmise that these so called ancient aliens may have helped people of that time to build such amazing structures.

If we follow along this theory we get a satisfactory answer to some extent on how human civilization evolved and progressed.Today, many ancient wonder marvels like the Egyptian and Maya Pyramids point towards the existence and contribution of ancient aliens. We are in the age of technological revolution where mankind is on space voyages and space explorations. All the findings till date reveal that we are not all alone in this universe, and there are more species that share this universe with us. Maybe our past can lead us into a new future where we can get connected to these so called alien races.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Top 5 Places Aliens Are Likely To Visit

Where do the aliens go on holiday? Of course, it is the earth, but where does they usually visit? In this article, I would like to share the top five countries which the aliens like to visit most.

Number five: Mexico

Mexico is one of the famous UFO hot spot. In Mexico, it is the same as Canada that you can see cross-border UFO; it seems the aliens are interested in Mexico itself. Mexico City is a favorite place of extraterrestrial visitors. There is evidence that aliens like monuments. Like other tourists, visiting aliens can not help to explore the pyramids and ruins in Mexico.

Number four: China

The history of China and the alien’ peaceful coexistence was very long, and even it can be traced back thousands of years ago. In ancient myths, aircraft were sometimes made the people, but more often by the gods. Some UFO experts, in particular, Hartwig • Hausdorff speculated that the dragon in Chinese mythology may be foreign flying objects. Occasionally, the Emperor of China rode on the back of the Dragon to heaven. The emperor and the dragon could live forever in heaven. Hartwig • Hausdorff even indicated that the Chinese civilization was built on extraterrestrial biology and culture. Recently, China's sky seemed to be quieter. UFO Evidence during Cultural Revolution no longer existed. However, with the end of the Cultural Revolution, China's official position on treatment of aliens and UFO has changed. Now, many people can talk about their own experience with UFO in public, the truth has finally been found. China is still a good place for aliens to patronize.

Number three: Russia

The Russian military plagued on UFO the same as U.S. Air Force. In the dark days of the Cold War, the United States accused the Soviet Union based on the Nazi’ "flying saucer" flight test program, the Soviets back in kind. Altai Mountain in the border of Russia and China is considered the world's most active areas for UFO. Local residents can always see strange lights in the sky. Unfortunately, because the remote and wild location, the witness can not be promptly reported and almost could not be verified.
Of course, the Russian UFO experts faced the biggest problem is that the government and the military's strict information control. Fortunately, now everything has changed, Russia’ UFO history has finally been found. In 2009, Russian Navy’ declassified files revealed UFO sightings dated back to Soviet-era. The document explained the UFO covered the Russian submarine, and then took it to sky.

The most incredible story among Navy declassified document talked about someone encountered the aliens on Lake Baikal in 1982. A group of military divers were training in the lake, then they encountered humanoid creatures wearing silver suit 50 meters deep in water. Divers chased, 3 people were killed in the next underwater melee.

Number two: Brazil

Brazil's alien sightings are most unnerving, not only because they are closely associated with the goat sucker, also because of the close contact with UFO caused serious hurt. Let’s take Cora Gonzales UFO as an example, victims attacked by a powerful laser beam, leaving the radiation burns and stab wounds.

Perhaps the most chilling thing is that the Brazilian government and the armed had to use force on the UFO. In 1996, when the UFO flocked, Brazilian Air Force fighters scrambled; police, fire brigade and the army mobilized, and it was said to capture two exotic species. Although the details of the incident were confidential, Brazilian Air Force released a lot of UFO information, including the so-called "UFO Night". It is hard to believe that during this period, the fighters have intercepted 20UFOs.

Number one: America

Undeniably, the United States is a hotbed for alien’ activity. With hundreds of UFO reports every year, the United States is the capital of aliens in the world. Perhaps the most compelling aliens’ evidence is a large number of witnesses. Many witnesses saw the UFO. On March 1997, the "Phoenix lights" incident, in the evening of March 13th, more than 100 witnesses said that they saw triangular or V shape of the machine hovered around PhoenixBusiness Management Articles, Arizona. Five percent to ten percent said they have seen flying saucer. United States also has the highest record of alien abduction.