Saturday, 1 December 2018

An Underground Pyramid Was Found In Crimea

Crimean pyramids were accidentally discovered by the PhD Vitaly Goh in April 2001. This is a one of kind unique archaeological discovery of the 21st century. The age of these giant pyramids exceeds the age of the Egyptian pyramids.

“Vitaly Goh” and his group found on the outskirts of Sevastopol the first pyramid. As they were searching for running water. Suddenly, the device recorded an ultra-high-frequency field in a radius of 328 feet. Goh realized that there was an unusual object under the ground. They began manually digging the pit and at a depth of 31 feet he came across one of the edges of the pyramid. After making a hole in the ground they went deeper up to to 124 feet underground, pulling about 40 tons of soil from the pit with a ten-liter bucket, Goh said: “We broke three scraps, two sledgehammers and five chisels”.
After all that digging, the group found out that the object has a geometric form similar to a pyramid. Its height is 147 feet, and the length of the base is 236 feet. The ratio of the side base to the height is 1.6 (This is the standard for all pyramids known for the time being).

Goh and his group discovered seven pyramids in total. They are located on the same line – from Cape Sarych to the northwestern part of the coast of the Kamyshovaya Bay.

To break through a layer of earth and debris of rocks, researchers needed a special equipment. The official authorities of Ukraine for some reason were not interested in the findings. Vitaly made a request to the Crimean branch of the “Academy of Sciences” in Ukraine regarding his findings on the pyramids but his request was refused without any commentary.

The participants of the group conducted their own analysis of the materials of Crimean and Egyptian pyramids, comparing it with the cleavage from one of the pyramids in Giza. And they were surprised to know that material that was used for Egyptian pyramids was almost identical to Crimean pyramids!

By their age, “the Crimean pyramids” surpass the Egyptian pyramids – they rest at a depth of 16 to 32 feet under a layer of sedimentary rocks. This could only happen as a result of flooding, and this happened in this area from 12 to 3 thousand years BC. The blocks which was used to build those pyramids are similar to as the Egyptian ones, a admixture of clay and luting of copper sulfate.

During the research of the pyramid at 82 feet an oval shaped object was found. Researchers were trying to extract it for two days and as a result the object was broken and barely managed to get out.
The object turned out to be hollow and apparently contained a large amount of carbon dioxide under high pressure. Later it was found that such things are placed inside the walls at regular intervals.

When the group attempted to break the wall to get inside the pyramid strange things started happening. Suddenly, the device recorded the amplification of the radiation. All the camera rolls were lighted, the compasses refused to work, the batteries in the lanterns were discharged in minutes. Those who worked under the ground started vomiting, having constant stomach pain and severe headache. The group of Goh were forced to stop further work.
After some time, the press began to attack Vitaly and his group with far-fetched accusations. The discovery of the pyramids was a target to be debunked and in all possible ways. The plot areaaround the pyramids was surrounded by barbed wire.
Apparently the Ukrainian authorities decided to close the area, as it looks like “someone” seems to know a lot about the true purpose and possibilities of the pyramids.
What are your thoughts on this mysterious find in Crimea, Ukraine?

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  1. it seems that the authorities were interested secretly but they donot want others to be interested.