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Out Of Place Artifacts: Man-Made Objects Found Inside Coal Stone Hundreds Of Millions Of Years Old

Per the World Coal Association, the process responsible for the formation of coal was started 360 to 290 million years ago. Many substances, to the surprise of researchers, have been found in such deposits. OOParts found in coal and stone represent some of the strangest and bizarre artifacts.
In June of 1891, a modern artifact was discovered in an Illinois mine and found to be formed around 300 million years ago. Per the report, the item was a chain. The chain was still attached to the coal itself, which could reveal the amount of time that passed with the formation.
Finding such a human artifact like this with the possibility of being crafter hundreds of millions of years ago leads to some unlikely questioning. The questioning mainly has to do with our place in history.
There have been numerous reports of such out of place objects that are dated millions of years ago. All of these artifacts are OOPart that should not be dated long ago.

Out Of Place Artifacts London Out-of-place Artifact
A half billion year old hammer embedded in rock that formed 400 million years ago
Iron Pot Found In Coal Mining
An iron pot found in coal ( Metallicman)
Artifacts Found In Coal Mining Artifact
An ornate brass bell was found in 300 million-year-old coal.

There have been numerous reports of OOPart found in mines. There have been many examples of manmade walls found deep within coal mines. They are found in areas where manufacturing process by humans should not be.

Brass Bell In Coal
Figurine on the handle of the hand-bell. ( Metallicman)

W.W. McCormick of Texas saved a document of the account of his grandfather regarding a stone block wall found while he was mining coal. McCormick’s grandfather claimed he discovered physical proof of an ancient civilization below the ground level. 12-inch cubes were found that were thought to be Carboniferous, meaning that they were dated 286 million years or longer.

Author Coal
Newton Anderson’s 2007 polygraph test

A similar story was written by author and astronomer M.K. Jessup. Jessup reported that a man and his two sons exhumed a slate wall in a coal mine. The wall was described as big and smooth and also containing hieroglyphics.
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