Friday, 24 March 2017

Top 5 Places Aliens Are Likely To Visit

Where do the aliens go on holiday? Of course, it is the earth, but where does they usually visit? In this article, I would like to share the top five countries which the aliens like to visit most.

Number five: Mexico

Mexico is one of the famous UFO hot spot. In Mexico, it is the same as Canada that you can see cross-border UFO; it seems the aliens are interested in Mexico itself. Mexico City is a favorite place of extraterrestrial visitors. There is evidence that aliens like monuments. Like other tourists, visiting aliens can not help to explore the pyramids and ruins in Mexico.

Number four: China

The history of China and the alien’ peaceful coexistence was very long, and even it can be traced back thousands of years ago. In ancient myths, aircraft were sometimes made the people, but more often by the gods. Some UFO experts, in particular, Hartwig • Hausdorff speculated that the dragon in Chinese mythology may be foreign flying objects. Occasionally, the Emperor of China rode on the back of the Dragon to heaven. The emperor and the dragon could live forever in heaven. Hartwig • Hausdorff even indicated that the Chinese civilization was built on extraterrestrial biology and culture. Recently, China's sky seemed to be quieter. UFO Evidence during Cultural Revolution no longer existed. However, with the end of the Cultural Revolution, China's official position on treatment of aliens and UFO has changed. Now, many people can talk about their own experience with UFO in public, the truth has finally been found. China is still a good place for aliens to patronize.

Number three: Russia

The Russian military plagued on UFO the same as U.S. Air Force. In the dark days of the Cold War, the United States accused the Soviet Union based on the Nazi’ "flying saucer" flight test program, the Soviets back in kind. Altai Mountain in the border of Russia and China is considered the world's most active areas for UFO. Local residents can always see strange lights in the sky. Unfortunately, because the remote and wild location, the witness can not be promptly reported and almost could not be verified.
Of course, the Russian UFO experts faced the biggest problem is that the government and the military's strict information control. Fortunately, now everything has changed, Russia’ UFO history has finally been found. In 2009, Russian Navy’ declassified files revealed UFO sightings dated back to Soviet-era. The document explained the UFO covered the Russian submarine, and then took it to sky.

The most incredible story among Navy declassified document talked about someone encountered the aliens on Lake Baikal in 1982. A group of military divers were training in the lake, then they encountered humanoid creatures wearing silver suit 50 meters deep in water. Divers chased, 3 people were killed in the next underwater melee.

Number two: Brazil

Brazil's alien sightings are most unnerving, not only because they are closely associated with the goat sucker, also because of the close contact with UFO caused serious hurt. Let’s take Cora Gonzales UFO as an example, victims attacked by a powerful laser beam, leaving the radiation burns and stab wounds.

Perhaps the most chilling thing is that the Brazilian government and the armed had to use force on the UFO. In 1996, when the UFO flocked, Brazilian Air Force fighters scrambled; police, fire brigade and the army mobilized, and it was said to capture two exotic species. Although the details of the incident were confidential, Brazilian Air Force released a lot of UFO information, including the so-called "UFO Night". It is hard to believe that during this period, the fighters have intercepted 20UFOs.

Number one: America

Undeniably, the United States is a hotbed for alien’ activity. With hundreds of UFO reports every year, the United States is the capital of aliens in the world. Perhaps the most compelling aliens’ evidence is a large number of witnesses. Many witnesses saw the UFO. On March 1997, the "Phoenix lights" incident, in the evening of March 13th, more than 100 witnesses said that they saw triangular or V shape of the machine hovered around PhoenixBusiness Management Articles, Arizona. Five percent to ten percent said they have seen flying saucer. United States also has the highest record of alien abduction.